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Safari Game Drives

There are several types of standard game drives, which are listed below. With a tailor made safari and your own vehicle, you are able to choose the types and duration of the game drives you go on. If you are a group safari, the types and duration are usually predefined and fixed. On safaris where you fly to the game park or reserve, the game drives are normally set and controlled by the lodges or camp you are staying at. Game drives can be long, hot, dusty and bumpy (ladies don’t forget your spot bra) but are great fun! Note: Most game drives avoid the heat of the day when many of the animals are sheltering from the sun and it is generally recognized that early morning and late afternoon game drives provide the best opportunities for game viewing, but as the animals go where and when they want, this is not always true.

Early Morning Game Drive: An early morning game drive starts just before dawn at about 6 am and normally finishes by 08:30 am when you return for breakfast. Virtually all lodges and camps will have tea, coffee and biscuits etc. either in the room provisions or available at the restaurants from 5:30 am, so you can partake of a little light refreshment before you go.

Morning Game Drive :A morning game drive usually starts after breakfast at around 7:30 am and finishes in the for lunch at around 10 am

Late Morning Game Drive: A late morning game drive is usually done in tandem with an early morning game drive and starts between 10 and 11 am, returning for lunch at around 12:30

Afternoon Game Drive: An afternoon game drive usually starts around 4 pm, returning before dark between 6 pm and 6:30 pm

En – Route Game Drive: An en-route game drive usually takes place in the morning or late afternoon and as the name suggests, is performed en- route to a lodge or camp etc. The duration can vary wildly depending on the location and distance of the lodging facility, which would either be a lodge or a camp in the park area or beyond, this could either be on arrival or departure day.

All Day Game Drive: An all-day game drive, as the name suggests, effectively lasts all day and usually a packed lunch is provided. They normally start after breakfast at around 7:30 am and return before dark between 6 pm and 6:30 pm. They are usually done in large parks/reserves where you cover long distances, or in the case of the Ngorongoro Crater, to avoid double entry fees

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